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UK Order of Merit Unknown

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SWINLEY FOREST, Ascot - one round

(L) = Lady Member
(S) = Senior Member

Name H'cap Merit

UK Order of Merit

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How does the UK Order of Merit work?

  • Only events In England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland count towards the UK OoM
  • Merit points are awarded on the basis of 100 to the winner of each event, 99 for 2nd place, 98 for third and so on.
  • Any tied scores will be decided by a card play off over the last nine holes as they appear on the scorecard. Merit points are issued based on finishing position.
  • Qualification for the Tour Final is based on a competitor’s best nine merit point results during that season.
  • On a day when there are two rounds both rounds will count for OoM points.
  • Competitors must be a member of the Global Amateur Golf Tour to be eligible for merit points. The annual membership fee is £40 for 12 months from the date of joining.

Qualification for the Global Amateur Golf Tour Final
A competitor’s best nine Order of Merit scores will count towards qualification for the Tour Final