UK Order of Merit Season 2020

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(L) = Lady Member
(S) = Senior Member

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UK Order of Merit

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How does the UK Order of Merit work?

  • Only events In England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland count towards the UK OoM.
  • Merit points are awarded on the basis of 100 to the winner of each event, 99 for 2nd place, 98 for third and so on.
  • Any tied scores will be decided by a card play off over the last nine holes as they appear on the scorecard. Merit points are issued based on finishing position.
  • Qualification for the Tour Final is based on a competitor’s best seven merit point results during that season.
  • On a day when there are two rounds both rounds will count for OoM points.
  • In Championship Events merit points are also allocated for the overall 36 hole scores.
  • Competitors must be a member of the European Amateur Golf Tour to be eligible for merit points. The annual membership fee is £40 for 12 months from the date of joining.
Qualification for the European Amateur Golf Tour Final
A competitor’s best seven Order of Merit scores will count towards qualification for the Tour Final.

After the last event of the season prior to the Tour Final the following competitors will qualify for the Tour Final:
  • The overall winner of each of the 3, 4 & 5 round tournaments;
  • The two senior competitors of 60+** years with the most points in either OoM;
  • The two ladies with the most points in either OoM;
  • The top 15 and ties in the Worldwide OoM excluding anyone qualifying in categories 1 – 3 above;
  • The top 10 and ties in the UK OoM excluding anyone qualifying in categories 1 – 4 above;
** to qualify as a senior competitor in any given year you must have had your 60th birthday before 1st March in that year.

Final Order of Merit Positions
The final positions in both Orders of Merit will be established after the final round of the Tour Final. A competitor’s final OoM position is determined by the total merit points accumulated in his/her best nine results throughout the season including the rounds in the Tour Final. Any tied positions in either Order of Merit following the final round of the Tour Final will be decided by taking into account the competitor’s tenth best merit point score and so on.